We're Giving Bigger!

We have expanded our giving initiatives to support further community outreach. We have designed a giving program to give even more. Our Family Portrait Day is a great way to raise funds for your church organizations. We are committed to helping church organizations evangelize and raise capital to further their ministry.  To help you, we will work with you to design an event to help you reach your goal.

How Does the Family Portrait Fundraiser Work?

The family portrait fundraising process is very simple to complete. Your church organization simply sells $10 portrait certificates for a 8x10 family portrait in return. Our professional team will travel to your location on your selected portrait date(s) and photograph the families that have purchased certificates for the portrait special. A limit of one certificate for an 8x10" portrait may be sold per household.

We will take extra photos of you and your family that you will be able to view and have the option to purchase the same day.

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How Much Money Can We Raise?

How does at least $1,000 sound? You set the amount you want to raise and we will help you reach your goal. Churches who sell more then 100 certificates will receive additional money added to their goal and even more based on the number of portrait packages sold.

Get Started:

  1. It cost nothing to start; simply complete the application below and schedule a consultation.
  2. Once approved, start selling your certificates to members of your community and advertise your event. Collect the money and return it to your coordinators. This money goes entirely to your organization's funds.
  3. Schedule (2) portrait dates. Your portrait dates should be about 2 weeks after you start selling certificates. On the scheduled photography date(s), we will come to your location and take portraits of every family scheduled to be photographed and sell each family a portrait collection of their portraits.

We understand how important it is to get the word out, so we'll help you advertise and market your event. 



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