Formal Portraits on your Wedding Day


It is our pleasure to have you as our client, as we enjoy capturing life's moments. 

This is a list of shots you are requesting. There is no guarantee that these shots will be captured.  Please notify and prepare the persons who will be in these shots to be in their designated areas at the specified times, and cooperating with the photographer so that that request can be met.




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Wedding Date
Shot List: What portrait shots do you want done "BEFORE" the wedding ceremony
Shot List: What portrait shots do you want done "AFTER" the wedding ceremony


Please let your Director and/or Coordinator Know: 


  • Bride and Groom should be the first to get dress, with hair and makeup done—they will be photographed first. Please DO NOT have be the last one to give ready.

  • Hair and Makeup for the Bride & Bridal Party should be done 2-3 hrs before the wedding ceremony because they will be photographed prior to the guest arriving. They should be fully dressed with their flowers.


  • The Groom & Groom Party should be dressed, with lapels and ready to be photographed 2-3 hrs before the wedding ceremony also.


  • Those who are not in the wedding party but are getting portraits after the ceremony should be sent to a holding room until all guests have left the ceremony.  This includes parents, grandparents, etc.  This should take 20-30 minutes, depending on how fast the persons move.


  • (It will help to have some form of entertainment at the reception while portraits are being taken----to keep the guest from leaving)